Album Reviews

  • Bud Powell’s Roost Sessions

    The album includes songs from two sessions led by Bud Powell, recorded in 1947 (the first half) and 1953 (the second). While some might be into the coloration of old recordings, the lo-fi vibes aren’t for me. But while I wish this was a better recording, the music speaks for itself. It’s introspective, pensive and […]

  • Friends in Love (1982) by Dionne Warwick

    This album is CHEESY. ’80s Love-ballads all the way. Not melancholic or sad (it’s not a heartbreak album), but definitely corny and sentimental. Musically, expect plenty of chords and key-changes, full-on ’80s synthesizers and tons of reverb on the drums. The dramatic presentation includes Warwick’s (fabulous) singing, grandiose electric guitar solos, and the frequent use […]

  • Brasil (1981) by João Gilberto

    A nice album. Don’t let the names fool you: while it features Gil, Bethânia and Veloso, it feels more like a João Jilberto album – gentle, calm and cheerful. Not overly avant-garde or “progressive”. Most songs have a child-like, upbeat quality to them, like nursery rhymes (“No Tabuleiro”, “Milagre”). I especially enjoy the production and […]